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Interested in specializing in Pregnancy, Postnatal, Well Women and/or Baby Yoga? Want to learn more about topics close to the hearts of women giving birth? In partnership with Birthlight - one of the most renowned experts in the field of women’s health, Lava is offering various Teacher Trainings in 2019 in Antwerp around these topics.
The design and provision of yoga-based practices to address discomforts and dysfunctions associated with pregnancy, birth and the postpartum are central to Birthlight’s vision. This CPD is based on several hundred cases of Diastasis Recti successfully addressed using practices taught and developed by Françoise Freedman over thirty years of researching and teaching. In the last decade, it has been a pleasure to collaborate with Kirsteen Ruffell, Birthlight Training tutor and Cranio-Sacral Therapist, in co-developing therapeutic postnatal yoga micro-movements.

The trainings will be given in English and the tutor is Kirsteen Ruffel .

Course location: Kraamvogel vzw, Volkstraat 7, 2000 Antwerp
All information and registration can be found at www.lava.yoga or by email: inesrothmann@hotmail.com, 0484.900.794

Participants in the CPD will gain awareness of:

Different forms of Diastasis Recti, based on illustrated anatomy
Sensitive periods in pregnancy and after birth: which asanas to avoid when and which practices de-risk the development of Diastasis Recti
Different practices and sequences to repair Diastasis Recti:
in the postpartum period
during the first two years after childbirth
in subsequent pregnancies
for repair in cases of long-standing Diastasis Recti
Links between tension in ilio-psoas muscles and Diastasis Recti
Links between overworked or weak pelvic floor muscles and Diastasis Recti
The importance of relaxation and the use of “relaxed stretching”, using the three diaphragms (thoracic, pelvic and uvular) to promote elasticity and resilience.
Practices taught will include:

Methods for checking and self-check of Diastasis Recti
Discussion of the pros and cons of “binding” with rebozo in light of the latest findings on connective tissue and collagen repair
Spinal alignment/support/use of props to facilitate effective use of yoga breathing and micro-movements engaging the transverse abdominis and diaphragm as a foundation for the prevention and repair of Diastasis Recti
Micro-movements in supported supine position for new mothers (whether birth has been vaginal or by C-section), and for women affected by Diastasis Recti long after childbirth to co-activate abdominal and pelvic floor muscles
Therapeutic micro-movements and Vinyasa flow stretches in Chair Yoga
Review of transitions to avoid aggravating Diastasis Recti in yoga and in daily life
Adaptations of standing and sitting Asanas for women affected by Diastasis Recti
Set progressive sequences for teachers to use over several weeks of practice.
Participants will acquire additional knowledge of:

Yoga-based resources to help new mothers, pregnant women and mothers affected by Diastasis Recti to empower themselves with simple tools of therapeutic yoga
The convergence of recent A & P research and Ayurveda about women’s core strength throughout their transition(s) to motherhood and over their life-cycle
Contributing factors to Diastasis Recti and resources for helping to prevent Diastasis Recti in subsequent pregnancies
The effectiveness of yoga breathing combined with isometric and isotonic practices in relation to the body’s web of fascia: “toning from within”.

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Waar De Kraamvogel
Volkstraat 7
2000 Antwerpen

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Leeftijd 18+
Basistarief: 193,00 €
€ 193,0
Contact inesrothmann@hotmail.com
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