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Ubaldo (ES/BE)

Ubaldo's music has been described as an harmony of melancholic whispers,
water rhythm, buried sentences and trembling guitars. Raised in the Spanish
underground and Barcelona's visual art scene, he also plays with different
monikers, agresssive electronics and performative lives with Odd Labu,
no wave and avantgarde dadaist nonsense as Bimbo Picasso or Senàni Masé.
On 2019 Ubaldo will drop his third album "Casa", via Urpa i Mussell,
a Barcelona-based label surrounded by the record shop Discos Paradiso.
With this new extended length, he proposes a more meditative experience,
drowning into ambient aesthetics and drone atmospheres.

Since the start of the project in 2014 he has worked with musicians as diverse
as new yorker trumpetist Mark Cunningham (MARS), the catalan producer Mans O
or the mixed media collective Ensemble Topografic. He also plays with Kiran Leonard
in the cathartic guitar duo Or Sobre Blau, with whom he just released "The Piri Piri Samplers".
He has played all around Europe in venues, museums and radios like Meakusma,
Sala Apolo, WORM, DubLab, Primavera Club, Lounge, Red Light Radio,
Centre de Cultura Contemporanea de Barcelona, Listen Festival, etc.

These days he is involved in a residency at Les Ateliers Claus in Brussels...

Bron: UiTinVlaanderen.be


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