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Tim's Favourite live, for the very 1st time with TIM

Tim's Favourite : "The ultimate cross-over between razorblade metal, pounding drums and profound thoughts. Everything that turns music into fabulous metal... and more" (RifRaf). Grunge-metal spiced up with psychedelic, occasionally even oriental-sounding, thrash and progressive metal, as well as some beautifully hypnotizing vocals. Or: zen-metal, as the guys like to call the fruits of their combined musical spirits.
The fact that Tim is the main source of inspiration for probably the heaviest name for a rockband in the world, is something only the most ignorant barbarian might not be aware of. The fact simply belongs to the regular canon of rock music history, period.

What you, art connoisseur pur sang, however, may not have known yet is that Tim is also a guitarist.

And not just any guitarist.

The thing is, Tim couldn't have dreamed of a better guitar teacher than the one who taught him all the fundamentals from the start, especially when it came to playing the most bizarre guitar riffs in the world in exactly the same idio(syncra)tic way as they were meant to be played: the deranged spiritual father of those riffs himself. "Nothing in the world sounds better than my guitar riffs, Tim", he was, again and again, being hammered in by this total utter nutter. "Apart from this of course: my guitar riffs doubled."

After 10 years of the most relentless, irritating hairsplitting, the message is finally beginning to seep through, up to the point where Tim now plays those riffs better than the deranged spiritual father of those riffs himself, much to the horror of the latter. It goes without saying that the result is (apart from the latter being green with envy) one tight-ass son of a steamroller crushing all.

To cut a long message short: come and let yourself be smoothly bulldozed into exaltation on the 20th of November, in exchange for a ridiculous entrance fee of exactly nought, nil, zero, love, nada, zilch EURO.

Dj François Du Painlait zorgt voor tunes vooraf en nadien.

Bron: UiTinVlaanderen.be


Waar Muziekcentrum Kinky Star
Vlasmarkt 9
9000 Gent

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