Podcast Academy: Pitch your podcast (EN)

Podcast Academy: Pitch your podcast (EN)


Muntpunt, De Grid +5

Munt 6
1000 Bruxelles


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The third workshop is all about building a podcast community and talking about common challenges that podcasters face - from using equipment to monetisation and funding. Seden Anlar interviews three podcasters that are a part of the Podcast Academy community who will share their journeys, stories, and lessons learned. Come and share your podcast project and get advice from other podcast makers. On the guest list: Wroetvragen , Wilde Warboel, and Baleine Sous Caillou About Seden Anlar Seden Anlar is a Brussels-based podcast host/producer, and a political communications specialist with a background in Law and Global Politics, and an MSc in Journalism and Media in Europe. She previously hosted and/or produced 'Green Space' for the Green Party of England and Wales covering UK politics, 'Green Wave' for the Green European Journal, and her independent project: the Big Green Politics Podcast where she did political commentating on a wide range of topics from the climate crisis to racism. Seden currently works as a Communications and Outreach Manager at the Green European Journal and continues to do trainings on podcasting to help independent podcasters and organisations get into the wild world of podcasting. Gesproken talen : Engels