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It takes courage to express. There is so much we want to say, especially in our closest relationships, but we often leave it unexpressed. Unsaid Library is a building a platform that celebrates the power of vulnerability and the freedom of expression, across creative mediums and craft.
Ellipsis is a unique collaboration between the worlds of jewellery and art, expressed through the only common medium: emotions. The artworks, including "Foolish or Free", "In continuum", "Eros", and "To let go is to..." reveal different emotions of a powerful personal story shared by Louise Mertens. Unsaid Library coined "Ellipsis" as a representation of her journey, symbolizing a hopeful heart and the idea that life doesn't begin or end, it continues. Both love and loss should be celebrated, because the closure of one phase marks the beginning of another.
Similar to the journey of creation of the existing jewellery collections, Unsaid Library subtly captured this story into a bespoke jewel, designed especially for Louise. It has also been extended into a limited edition collection.
Explore the Ellipsis inspired artworks and jewels to experience the raw, real and unfiltered expression of emotions.
- Shraddha Mehta

Bron: UiTinVlaanderen.be


Waar Unsaid Library Gallery
De Burburestraat 20
2000 Antwerpen

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Deze activiteit is afgelopen.
Originele datum: Van 28 november 2019 tot 12 januari 2020
Organisatie Unsaid Library
Contact statiuspr@icloud.com