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DARkSIDE w/ Joton - Exal

DOORSALE: 7€ > 1 AM > 10€
10 Kaasmarkt 1000 Brussels

> 5 min from Central Station, 3 steps from Grand Place
> Min. age: +21 / LGBT+ ?
> ZERO tolerance on harassment
> Free cloakroom & toilets

| Joton (Newrhythmic recs / Raw Raw / Quartz )
Joton is synonymous with dark techno, iron, futuristic and sensitive, all mixed with the precision and speed of a surgeon. His powerful personality and marked charisma, as DJ and producer, is based on a stylistic maturity, a professional serenity and a well-founded artistic criterion, always in constant and restless progression, through which everything that he pricks and produces is identified. His sound is industrial, analog and mechanical. Dystopia and the club are discussed. Detroit, Berlin and Birmingham.
Starting from the very marrow of techno. It is physical, blunt, modular and exciting.

His label `Newrhythmic´ has been more than 15 years supporting high-octane techno by native and foreign artists. Joton’s tracks have been published by labels such as Fabric, Symbolism, Planet Rhythm, Format, Dynamic Reflection, More Than Less ... and have been charted and screened by artists of the great size of Ben Klock, Dvs1, Rodhad , Dave Clarke, Ben Sims, Oscar Mulero, Adam Beyer, Surgeon, Truncate…. As a DJ, he has evolved from his beloved and traditional vinyl to the current digital format. Thanks to it, Jotón enriches his sessions by providing an added boost to his innate ability to connect it to the dance floor.

In 2015, a milestone occurred in his career with the publication of his first album 'Casting Out Nines' that garnered excellent reviews by the public and specialized press. It was considered one of the best works in long format of that year and this placed Joton in the focus of the entire global techno scene. He launched this album in 10 countries on 3 different continents.

In this 2017 Joton release his second great project called 'R3silient', present his purest and analogical side; Returning, once again, to the primitive, to the seminal, to the roots of techno. In 2018 two new works will see the light, Antioquia on the German label ODD EVEN and Extreme Mesures on RAW RAW, again capturing the industry's attention.

Joton's global touring schedule has filled up with performances at the most renowned venues in the world including Under club in Buenos Aires, Tresor in Berlin, Le Batofar in Paris, Corsica Studios in London, Grelle Forelle in Vienna, Propaganda in Moscow, Domunne in Tokyo, Vurt in Seoul, Razzmatazz and Moog in Barcelona, Stardust and Fabrik in Madrid, among others.

C12 Resident and Resident of the BLOCAUS parties

| Neila (Newrhythmic recs / DeepHeat)
NEILA is the solo project of a french composer and performer of electronic music, mainly active in the brussels scene through many collaborations. He is responsible for the Deepheat activities : as a promoter, he invited some of his heroes like Zadig , Adam X or Sunil Sharpe, thus gathering the most demanding techno heads. As the curator of the deepheat compilations, he has been working with the most serious newcomers from Belgium and France and collected both experimental cuts and weapons of choice for the club.
Neila doesn't pretend to do art, and doesn't appeal to be part of any stylistic school, yet he obviously refers to crucial inspirations like the rough sound of Birmingham pioneers ; he aims at giving back to the techno scene as much joy and hope it gave to him. This is all about sonic pilgrimages and cathartic experiences.

| Haissem (Ampere)



Waar Zodiak
Kaasmarkt 10
1000 Brussel

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Originele datum: vrijdag 13 september 2019
Organisatie Zodiak

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