Dance Mekanik Line-up
7 okt - 8 okt

Dance Mekanik XI

Party of fuif
Geschikt voor 18 tot 60 jaar


You know the deal by now: a night of the better electronic dancefloor beats. Devoted to the authentic underground! Line-up: 6SISS Live (R&S, Micron Audio) Elena Sizova (BY/PL) Black Francis (Drop Acid Not Bombs) Aether (Dance Mekanik, New York Haunted, EMF) Polle Van de Gash (Follytechnic, BXL) 6SISS: Peter Adriaenssens is a returning New Beat veteran who started releasing 6SISS material in 2013. 6SISS’ music combines driving rhythms with ominous, desiccated samples and withered pads that call to mine militant soundscapes. With releases on R&S Records , UX, Micron Audio and 47 with Motive Power and collabs on HEX and Leyla Records he provides bruising off kilter rhythms, stagger and lurch in mesmerising ways that undercut the 4:4 hegemony to confuse and delight dancefloors in equal measure.His latest release on Micron Audio: It is not only thanks to this parable that the record fits wonderfully into the sci-fi-inspired catalog of the label run by DJ Stingray 313. Veteran 6SISS weaves the futuristic scraps of sound tightly together, placing pauses at just the right moment to give the brute overdriven percussion even more punch. Whether AI sounds like that remains to be seen. By the way, the first musical confrontations with factory work were not techno, but workers' songs. So maybe the machines are singing about solidarity and liberation here? Elena Sizova: We're very pleased to present Elena Sizova as an international & seasonal resident of Dance Mekanik when she is not taken during her busy performance schedule. ELENA SIZOVA is a belarusian artist based in Warsaw, Poland with more than a decade of djing. Her taste for experimental and acid gives spaces to telluric experiences on the dancefloor with well-crafted sound while weaving together old and new, rare and obscure, electro and techno. Solo productions but also coproductions as a part of Der Zyklus and Daughter Produkt projects, co-host of monthly RADIO RITUEL show on, SAMEHEADS Berlin resident with a party serie “Outsiunder”. Appeared in line-ups at such festivals as DEKMANTEL, INTERGALACTIC FM, DIGITAL TSUNAMI, SIGNAL, SCOPITONE, ARS ELECTRONICA, SUPINES; Clubs as Tresor, Griessmuhle, Robert Johnson, Suicide Circus, C12, About Blank, Rote Sonne, Golden Pudel, De School, Macao, Mutabor, Ankali, Opium, Jasna1, RSO and many more. Radio shows at Hoer, Kiosk, Rinse FM, Mutant Radio, EOS. Do we need to say more.. you're in for a cutting edge dancefloor! Black Francis: Techno & Acid pioneer of the first hour. Acid played an important role in his DJ career. From the late '80s when he first heard the sound of a Tb 303 he was hooked. Inspired by labels such as Djax Up Beats, Drop Bass Network, Underground Resistance and Binary Bassline he's one dedicated supporter of the Belgian Acid scene. His style is described as non-commercial, with good technique and always emotive. Aether / Celtric : Called a true icon of the Belgian underground he has been a solid underground force since 1996 mainly in cities as Gent & Brussels and occasionally played places as Sao Paulo, Moscow, Berlin, Amsterdam, Madrid, France, Poland & Goa. Since 2019 he is running a new party concept & label Dance Mekanik aimed at retrofuturistic sounds in the lower BPM range. His productions (solo or in collab with eg Rushkeeper) on labels as New York Haunted & Electric Music Foundation are mainly hardware based and are aimed on experiment, jamming with machines & daring to make mistakes. Polle Van de Gash: The British/Belgian melomaniac & walking music encyclopedia Polle Van De Gash. Polle is a multifaced dj & producer under many alliances (latest as Rushkeeper with DM's Aether) and was a respected dj in the greater London area before moving to Belgium. Polle recently also started his own label Follytechnic and has a radioshow on Noods (focussed on pre-punk 70's).


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