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Cut – Copy – Paste (part II

Tentoonstelling Meerdere kunstvormen

The Projet 19, entitled CUT - COPY - PASTE, will present artworks including mixed media compositions, found-objects, ready-mades, assemblages and collages - drawings wherein juxtapositions and dissonances create ideas, non-sense and automatic items opening self-reflection offering the spectator his own free interpretation.
The artworks bring together images, texts and objects – mediating between ‘part’ and ‘whole’, narrative sequences and condensed time.
The emphasis throughout the display is on the small-scale, a very special and personal handmade practice. These qualities are reflecting not only literal examples of collages and assemblages, but also artworks where ‘collage’ is a special way of thinking rather than a physical procedure. In their execution and variety, the project itself aims to a ‘collage aesthetic’ of simultaneous collision course and correspondence.


Waar OV Project
Van Eyckstraat 57
1050 Elsene

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Deze activiteit is afgelopen.
Originele datum: Van 6 juni 2019 tot 13 juli 2019
Organisatie OV Project

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