Tot 17 mei 2021

Contemporary dance training: 2x2


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Basistarief: €46.00

Holders of Cultuurkaart KU Leuven for students at KU Leuven, UC Leuven-Limburg a: €35.00

Better world price: pay a little extra, help make WISPER affordable for everyone: €51.00

Reduced price: if you have trouble making ends meet - 37.00: €37.00

Kansentarief met UiTPAS: €9.20

Over deze activiteit

This is an online course that takes place entirely in a virtual learning environment. This series of four online sessions was designed specially for a limited space: a square of 2x2 meters! Our challenge: to creatively explore with our body and through motion every single pixel of available space. Because exactly by limiting ourselves to this small square, we discover new possibilities. We will learn how to approach the floor and move in the lowest levels of our square, then we will move up to the highest reachable points and finally we will seamlessly combine the two, allowing plenty of freedom of movement.  Ready to embrace the challenge? Then get some measuring tape and your dance clothes and see you in the square!  This is how we work: we will meet via Zoom and dedicate two sessions to each of our two main themes: the ground and the sky.  Every session will start with a technical training associated to the theme, then evolve in a movement exploration to delve deep into our creativity. A few days before the start, you receive an e-mail with the link and further instructions.

Begeleiders: Francesca Orlando

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