14 december

Citadelic @ SMAK 16: an evening with PETER JACQUEMYN - Chambercloud + In Memoriam Global Village


S.M.A.K. - Stedelijk Museum voor Actuele Kunst

Jan Hoetplein 1
9000 Gent



Basistarief: €10.00

Over deze activiteit

PETER JACQUEMYN is a versatile artist/sculptor and is also musically very active. As a sculptor he frees with ax and chainsaw expressionistic sculptures out of wood. His concerts and performances are equally spectacular. Jacquemyn has become a known figure in the European improvisation world. He invites rising Berlin based composer Stefan Prins, Gunda Gottschalk and guzheng master Xu Fengxia. an evening with Peter Jacquemyn PETER JACQUEMYN, born in 1963 in Schaerbeek, lives and works in Brakel. He is a versatile artist/sculptor and and is also musically very active. As a sculptor he frees with ax and chainsaw expressionistic sculptures out of the wood. His concerts and performances are equally spectacular. Jacquemyn -musically self-taught - has become a known figure in the European improvisation world and has collaborated with Peter Kowald (double bass), Fred Van Hove (piano), Joelle Leandre (double bass), Geurt Grosfeld (flute / electronics), Phil Minton (voice), Takashi Yamane (clarinet), Evan Parker (saxophone) amongst others... As an improviser, he began his career with WIM (Workgroup Improvising Musicians). His style is very energetic and spectacular, probably due to his qualities as a judoka. He developed his own way of playing with cans, nails and 2 to 3 bows simultaneously and uses his voice. He recently formed Basssss a 5 headed double bass ensemble with all respected Belgian bass players and will tour with this band in bigger format in 2017 as the project Fundament with musicians like Eric Sleichim (Bl!ndman), Mathieu Lilin etc. 20H - CHAMBER CLOUD (BE) Composer, improviser and pianist STEFAN PRINS began as a seven year old playing the piano at the music school of Borgerhout and later attended engineering studies at the VUB. That broadened his musical horizons in performing music to improvising and composing. After he graduated in 2002 as an engineer, he studied piano and composition at the Conservatory of Antwerp and a specialization at the Department of Sonology of the Royal Conservatory of The Hague (2004-2005). As musician he created, in addition to their own work, music for i.a. Karlheinz Essl, Mark Applebaum and Richard Barrett. His interest in the possibilities of technology in a musical context, has translated since in his work. The virtual engine behind this is the permanent questioning of existing mechanisms, traditions, way of thinking, methodical approach and the resulting quest for timely and meaningful relationships between composer, score, musician, technology, listener, culture and society. He received several commissions from the Flemish Community and received already an abundance of awards ... Kunstpreis Berlin für Musik 2016 "ISCM Young Composers Award" 2014 Laureate of the Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for the Sciences and Arts in the class of the Arts 2014 "Young Belgian Musician of the Year" 2012 elected by the Union of Belgian Music Journalists Kranichsteiner Musikpreis 2010 for composition (Darmstadt), a Staubach Honorarium (2009, Darmstadt) the International Impuls Composition Award (Graz, 2009) "Week of the Contemporary Music" (Gent, 2006, 2nd Prize) "KBC Aquarius Composition Award for Young Composers" (Brussels, 2001). In his compositional work Prins seeks to critique received convention, to break the framework of the usual, and dispose of aesthetic axioms. He envisions a musical art form beyond the safe confines of the »scene«, wherein the connection to the larger cultural discourse has gotten lost. A central pre-condition for the making of a new music with a future is the role of the aware, critical observer, one who is prepared to exploit the technologies and mechanisms of the prefabricated media with a view to their possibilities for new music. – Stefan Prins lives up to this calling. Michael Rebhahn, 2012 After graduating as an engineer at the age of 23, Stefan Prins (Belgium, 1979) started to study fulltime piano and composition at the Royal Flemish Conservatory in Antwerp, Belgium, where he obtained his Masters degree in Composition with Luc Van Hove magna cum laude. Concurrently, he studied Technology in Music at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels with Peter Swinnen and Sonology at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague (2004-2005; The Netherlands). Additionally he studied "Philosophy of Culture" and "Philosophy of Technology" at the University of Antwerp. Since September 2011 Stefan divides his time between Europe and the USA (Cambridge, Massachusetts), where he currently pursues a PhD in composition at Harvard University under the guidance of Chaya Czernowin. His compositions have been played world wide by a.o. Klangforum Wien, Nadar Ensemble, Champ d'Action, Ictus Ensemble, Nikel Ensemble, Ensemble Mosaik, Ensemble Recherche, Ensemble Dal Niente, Trio Accanto, Defunensemble, Athelas Sinfonietta, Zwerm Electric Guitar Quartet, Agartha, the Ensor String Quartet, Vertixe Sonora, soundinitiative, collectief reFLEXible, the Belgian Chamber Orchestra, Jean-Guihen Queyras, Frederik Croene, Matthias Koole, Tom Pauwels, Mark Knoop, Stéphane Ginsburgh, Sebastian Berweck, Séverine Ballon a.o. on festivals such as the Donaueschinger Musiktage, Wittener Tage für Neue Kammermusik, the Darmstadt Ferienkurse (2010, 2012, 2014), Forum Neuer Musik Deutschlandfunk, Eclat Stuttgart, Ultima Festival Oslo, Festival Musica Strasbourg, Wien Modern, Ars Musica, Novembermusic, Transit Festival, Time Canvas, Musica Electronica Nova, Luzerne Festival, Tzlil Meudcan Festival, Impuls Festival, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, Musica Viva Festival (München). Stefan Prins is closely involved with the new Belgian ensemble for contemporary music, Nadar Ensemble, both as a composer, live-electronics-specialist and, together with Pieter Matthynssens, as artistic director. Peter Jacquemyn: double bass & voice Stefan Prins: laptop 21H - In Memoriam Global Village (= Pericoloso ft. Xu Fengxia) (BE/DE/CN) GUNDA GOTTSCHALK (1969) is a classically trained pianist who found her way through contemporary classical music to free improvisation. In 1991 she became a member of Radical Partita, an ensemble for new and improvised music. From 1994 onwards, her musical path regularly crosses with the German bassist Peter Kowald and from 1995 until the death of Kowald in 2002, she forms together with him and the Chinese Xu Fengxia, the core of the Global Village Ensemble. In 2002 and 2003 she makes as solo artists concert tours through the USA where she plays with great American figures of improvised music as William Parker, Susie Ibarra, Michael Zerang, Oliver Lake and Fred Frith. XU FENGXIA is a musician from China, master of the guzheng (Chinese 22 string harp), the sanxian and a powerful singer. She is involved in Chinese music, Jazz, Contemporary ... Gunda Gottschalk - violin & voice Peter Jacquemyn: double bass & voice Xu Feng Xia - guzeng

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