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Cirao Dance Hall Reunion

Saturday 15th of September, Waregem Expo, Zuiderlaan 20 Waregem
Cirao was a trendy club in Waregem that caused quite the fuss in the early 90s. The clubbers came from all over Belgium, France, Germany and beyond to be part of this legendary place. Cirao was included in the list of “Legendary Belgian Clubs” and praised for the musical story. The club was at that time an absolute frontier in the programming of electronic music. National but also international DJs played behind Cirao’s decks. The place was packed, week after week and Waregem was the epicenter.
The club closed its doors in 1996. After 22 years the time is ripe for a Cirao Dance Hall Reunion! That’s why they would like to invite everyone who knows this mythical place on September 15th 2018. Come party and unite as if it were 1994!
Today’s heroes are also welcome, because the sound of that time is totally back. The artists on the line up are all resident or frequently asked guest DJs from back in the days. They will return to the original sound which Cirao was so well known for and make you relive the good times of the past!
Let's be clear, this is not yet another party at Waregem Expo. The organization spares no effort or expense to bring back the unique atmosphere of yesteryear. As their standard is very high you can expect an impressive sound, light and laser show. They even thought about the GoGo dancers and will take care of their presence.

Conviviality is important, that is why the organization won’t use the full capacity of Waregem Expo’s halls. Besides that, they will arrange cosy corners where you can relax with a delicious glass of Champagne or a cocktail. On top of that, there will also be a range of high-quality foodtrucks where you can grab a bite when you get hungry. The people who opted for the VIP treatment will get spoiled in a special VIP Area.

We assure you, this will be the party of the year! You better don’t miss out!

Original Cirao Artists LINE-UP:
100% Isis (RoXY. Amsterdam)
Isis is one of the female pioneers in the global electronic music scene. As 100% Isis she jumpstarts her career at age 17 with a residency at Club RoXY (Amsterdam) from 1992 -1994. Instantly she starts her long running international career, performing at famous venues and festivals like Creamfields (UK), Ultra Music Festival (Miami), Pacha (Ibiza & New York), Space/DC10/Amnesia (Ibiza), Rex Club (Paris) & Tresor (Berlin) to name a few. She was an often invited guest at Cirao and the audience’s favorite!
Her DJ style is marked by both hypnotic and acoustic influences, but not bound by a singular musical approach. In 2002 her talent is recognized globally and she is ranked in top ten of the worldwide female Tech-House DJ’s. We’re pleased to meet this talented DJ again at our Cirao Dance Hall Reunion on September 15th where she will play an exclusive retro set.

Phi Phi (Boccaccio, At the Villa, Extreme)
Phi Phi became a famous DJ in Belgium, although he was born in France. His DJ career began in 1985. He played together with DJs like Paul van Dyk, John Digweed, Danny Howells, Anthony Pappa, Sasha, CP, Cass and many more.
Together with his studio partner Philippe Van Mullem he made some timeless tracks like "Honey C," "Stop The Disease," "UNA - Emotion," "Can You Hear Me," "Quadran,” & “Innertales"." Phi-Phi is a master in mixing and can make unbelievable storyboards. We can’t wait to hear what this former resident DJ has in store for the Cirao Dance Hall Reunion.

Steve Cop (La Rocca, Café d’Anvers)
Steve started messing around with records at the age of 16. At that time he got some mixtapes from a DJ called Sven Van Hees (Global Cuts, Gemini) and tried to do the same mixes as he did on the tapes. As Steve got better, some friends gave him the chance to spin at their parties. Some people heard Steve play there and asked him to play in Brussels with Mark Kamins and Poltergeist. After this party, Renaat from R&S Records contacted Steve to do some studio work for him together with C.J. Bolland.
After a while Steve got the chance to play in La Rocca with the resident DJ Eric Beysens and became the second resident DJ. At that time, he did a lot of parties across Belgium and Ibiza. After 3 beautiful years at La Rocca, Steve moved to Café d’Anvers. There he shared the decks with DJ Koenie. Besides that, he played on regular basis at Cirao Dance Hall!

Fred Nasen (At the Villa, Balmoral)
His DJ career started with a residency at Cirao and is still going strong after 20 years! It’s safe to say that Fred Nasen is a veteran in the Belgian DJ scene. With residencies at Balmoral, At The Villa & H20 and guest sets at clubs like Fuse, Café D’Anvers, Culture Club, … He counted quite some miles of carrying records. Also on the festival side he was invited at popular events like I Love Techno, 10 Days Off, Dour, Pukkelpop and more. On September 15th, you’ll have the chance to dance at his unique & trancy Cirao vibrations.

Laurent Warin (At the Villa, Catacombes)
He started his career in 1989 with the Underground Parties in Lille Metropolis. In 1991, he met Laurent Garnier in Belgium and proposed him to replace him for one evening at "Boy" Paris. This party was the key starter of his career. It opened doors at Locomotive, Kit Kat and Queen. After a few engagements in France, he decided to turn towards the Belgian scene. The club “At the Villa" had faith in him so he worked there for one year. Afterwards he became a resident DJ at " Boccacio" Ghent and the "Catacombes" in 1995. He is ready to worship Waregem with a 100% Cirao DJ set.

Johan (H2O, At the villa)
Johan was a resident DJ at “At the villa”. This club was known for their famous “Afters”, Johan loved them! He started his sets at 7 am and went on until 6 pm. The clubbers came from all over Belgium, France and Germany to listen to the sound we now today as « House Music » and « Techno ».
After a tragic fire at “At the club”, Johan became a weekly resident at several major Belgian clubs like H2O, Cirao, Nova, La Rocca, Café d'Anvers, Boccaccio, but also abroad at famous clubs such as Pacha and Space in Ibiza, Rex Club & The palace in Paris and Ministry of sound in London. He will give you painful feet with his infectious record choices at our Cirao Dance Hall Reunion!

MD (Cirao Machelen, RIO)
MD, known for his hit ‘RIO’, started his career in a small club at the Belgian cost side at the age of 17. When he entered the famous Boccaccio life club in Destelbergen, a completely new world of music opened which made him decide to play only quality club music. That was clearly the right decision as he played from that moment on in well-known underground clubs in Belgium, such as La Rocca, La Bush, Pulse Factory, Mirano, At the Villa, … where he was grateful to be booked.
His heart belonged mostly to his own nightlife creations, like Cirao 2.0. He succeeded to give the name and image another dimension for the visitors who were 2 generations younger than the visitors from the original club. He was a key person back then and that’s why he can’t miss out on the Cirao Dance Hall Reunion!

Malik B (Peek A Boo Rec, Bonzai Progressive)
Born in Northern France in 1972, Malik B was quickly interested in electronic music. In 1988, at the age of 16, he became one of the youngest resident DJs in 4 Cantons, a club in the North of France.

Malik Boudari, better known as Mockba, Virtual Element, Dream System, Space E, FrenchTraxx, Moon Eclipse, Renaissance Ep, Sub-sequence, THC, Tresor of minds etc ... worked on labels such as: Peek-A-Boo Records, Bonzai Records, Onesider records, UFK records, records Tranceportation, Music Man Records, Black Hole Recordings, Lowbit records , Kingdom records, Singez Recordings, ... His tracks have been played by many more fine names from the early Techno music - House music & Trance music scene.

Mark the date if you’re looking forward to a reunion with the original crew, DJ’s and fellow dancers!

Ticket presale: €15
Available in all Fnac -& Brooklyn shops or
online via www.cirao.be/tickets
VIP tickets: €45 (Fast lane, Access to VIP deck, free & VIP Parking (near entrance), complementary toilet, one free locker / 2 people – Finger food – dedicated waiter & bottle service)

Open from 22.30h till 06.00h

Bron: UiTinVlaanderen.be


Waar Expo Waregem
Zuiderlaan 20
8790 Waregem

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