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For this 6th edition of BITGRID we’ll be working with the ZOMERFABRIEK. We invited some of our international friends to make this an epic night to remember. Get ready for an night filled with live music, produced on vintage gamingconsoles like the GameBoy or Commodore c64. Aside from the awesome music there will also be a “Duck Hunt” tournament and a preparty workshop for aspiring LSDJ artists. Want to know the best thing about this edition? It’s all free!
*** Line-up ***
- H X X X X X L X X X X M X X X S (UK)
- R X C X X W (NL)
- D X X D X X X M (BE)
- H X V X X C X (DE)
- H X P P X X S C X X X H (NL)
- 6 4 X U X A (FI)
- E I X X X X X S DJ (NL)

*** Visuals ***
- VJ Chipwarrior (BE)

*** Workshop LSDJ ***
- In this LSDJ workshop, RoccoW will teach the basics of using the Nintendo Gameboy to compose music. Learn about the hidden powers of this forgotten handheld and kickstart your own chiptune artistry!
- More info about entering will be up later.

*** Duck Hunt tournament ***
- Get hyped and enter out Duck Hunt championship. You’ll have to focus though; highest score will win a price!


Bron: UiTinVlaanderen.be


Minkelersstraat, Zurenborg
2600 Berchem (Antwerpen)

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Originele datum: zaterdag 20 juli 2019
Basistarief: 0,00 €
Organisatie Zomer van Antwerpen