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Back to the age of New Wave

Back in time ! We will make you dance to the original records again.
Almost forgotten danceable stuff but also the greatest new wave classics from The Cure, Joy Division, Siouxsie, Cabaret Voltaire and Sisters, the coolest new romantic from John Foxx, Ultravox or Visage, the most exciting electro wave from Depeche Mode, Fad Gadget and early Human League / Simple Minds, the coldest cold wave from Killing Joke to Virgin Prunes and of course some early electronics, EBM, neue Deutsche welle and krautrock. Feel free to ask for your requests ! The party starts at 10 pm. Entrance = 5 €. Beer, wine & softs are only 2€. Be on time !

Bron: UiTinVlaanderen.be


Waar Den Aalmoezenier
Aalmoezenierstraat 46/4
2000 Antwerpen

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Sommige activiteiten gaan mogelijk niet door omwille van corona-maatregelen. Kijk even op de site van de organisator.
Leeftijd 18+
Basistarief: 3,00 €
€ 3,0