7 okt - 8 okt

ABSTRACT - Pegassi, Shiki & More @Ruiterijcomplex

RuiterijcomplexBeneluxlaan 31, 1800 Vilvoorde
Party of fuif
Geschikt voor 16 tot 26 jaar


Abstract takes place this year at the equestrian complex, Vilvoorde. 

Expect a production that will leave you amazed. Both audio, light and other visuals. 

PEGASSI is headlining the event and gets support from major talents as Shiki, Trillusion, SD40 and Alec Antoine. 

Safety plays a big factor and you too can contribute.
Take care of each other.
No space for violence.
Dress code: be yourself.
Don't drink and drive. 

See you on the dance ground, we are excited!


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