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4 Seizoenen door Trio Les Miserables

Concert Klassieke muziek

The winner of QUEEN ELISABETH COMPETITION - Mikhail Bezverkhni - presents a special piano trio with a unique concept and name - LES MISERABLES!
They will bring an amusing program consisting of masterpieces:
4 Seasons of A. Vivaldi
4 Seasons of P. Tchaikovsky
4 Seasons in Buenos Aires of A. Piazzolla

Concert is accompanied by live painting by an artist.

Why unique? Why "Miserables"?

MIKHAIL BEZVERKHNI: absolute winner of Queen Elisabeth Competition 1976 and 6 other world famous competitions, BUT in the 90th he was rejected and kicked out from the first round during an audition to the radio orchestra in Frankfurt.

ZHAINA KYDYROVA: winner of 3 International Competitions, master of Conservatory of Moscow, professor of the Conservatory of Almaty, BUT she rejected after the orientation proof for the conservatory of Ghent by not letting her study playing cello for 2 years during master program in the conservatory.

ANASTASIA KOZHUSHKO: winner of more than 15 International Competitions throughout the world, professor of the Conservatory of G.Verdi (Milan), BUT she was rejected for a work of accompanist in the conservatory of Ghent.

Bron: UiTinVlaanderen.be


Waar Sint-Niklaaskerk
Korenmarkt 1
9000 Gent

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Originele datum: zondag 21 oktober 2018
Basistarief: 25,00 €; -26: 18,00 €
€ 25,0